Revamping social networking, for the good of humanity.

Only verified people.
No imposters, pseudonyms, bots or sockpuppets.
Extensive privacy controls.
You own your data and choose what others see.
A new business model.
That doesn't provoke addiction, fake news or doomscrolling.

We want to change the world

& doing right is great business

More than 20 years ago, social media was invented by inexperienced teenagers.
It was a groundbreaking concept, but they made some missteps that have had devastating effects on society today. Happenings is here to fix that.

Reach out
Like OG Facebook, but Better

Connect with like-minded friends. Describe yourself. Groupchats.

Cybersecurity to the core

Verify your identity with a government-issued ID, or use your passport.

Everybody has right to privacy

Choose to stay completely private and share only what you want.

Pay and collect money

New ways to buy tickets, and collect money from dinner with friends.

Perfect for campus groups

Throw events, share videos, posts, polls and manage everything.